Updates on when and where the groomer runs will be posted here when grooming begins for the season.

The Montana Nightriders Snowmobile Club owns two groomers which are operated, maintained and serviced by an awesome group of volunteers. The gentlemen doing all this work do not get paid;it is strictly on a volunteer basis so when you see them out there, give a big thumbs up!  Many hours are spent  running the groomer at a snails pace throughout the trail system to make your journey to the backcountry much more enjoyable.  It is quite a challenge to know when to run the machine to get the best setup so thank you so much for all you do guys, we appreciate you very much! The club applies for state grants but, also relies on your donations to keep our machines going.  

2020-2021 Season Groomer Reports

Montana Nightriders Snowmobile Club

3-04-2021 Short Loop/Rainy Dominion

2-03-2021 Short Loop

1-22-2021 Short Loop/Rainy Dominion

1-18-2021 Short Loop

1-09-2021 Big Creek